Manchester Comedy Festival Quentin Reynolds

Manchester Comedy Festival

Looking For A Fun Night Out?
Enjoy A Thoroughly Interactive Show...

Quentin Reynolds' presents
"The Psychic Game Show"
LAST NIGHT - Friday 28th October at 8.30pm
as part of The Manchester Comedy Festival.
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The Late Night BIZARRE Show
Last Night Tonight, same venue 
but this show starts at 11pm
(Not comedy as you know it and
perfect for inducing nightmares)
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Manchester Comedy Festival Quentin Reynolds

Manchester Comedy Festival Quentin Reynolds

“Who Would Have Thought
Having Your Mind Read
Could Be Such Fun?”

"Best ticket in town."
Steve Berry, Breakfast show presenter on Rock Radio 106.1FM

Quentin Reynolds - Mindreader and MentalistDo you use your intuition, or act on hunches in making everyday decisions? Ever had something happen that appears to be an amazing coincidence? Then you will love this amazing and fun-filled show.

In The Psychic Game Show Quentin Reynolds along with you and your friends will explore the psychic and the paranormal, using intuition, hunches, psychometry and
telepathy. It's rare to find a show that leaves you both laughing and amazed. You won’t find a more interactive show during the Comedy Festival.

The Sherlock Holmes Game. How is it possible to tell so much about an individual purely from a borrowed ring, watch or simple drawing? And audience members onstage can lie or tell the truth. Can you work out who's doing what?

Just a brief note to say that we really enjoyed the show on Monday night. Thank you.
I could see some strong NLP processes at work in some of your schemes, but others left me dumbfounded.
We both loved the coat-hanger scheme. Brilliant.
John and Sarah Shinnick

How could a cuddly teddy bear know in advance what his new owner would name him?

"This is a top show for all-round entertainment. Light-hearted mindreading that is nonetheless impressive for being presented in such an easy-going manner. How on earth can he know these things about people he's never met before?!

Loads of audience participation, generous prizes and even a cool souvenir pack for everyone to take home. Great fun! Definitely recommended."
Georgina Kirk

The Battle of The Sexes. A hilarious game where men and women contestents vie to see which team can outwit the other. Can the outcome be predicted in advance? The results will surprise you!

All of my friends who attended your show last Wednesday night were extremely impressed, they were blown away with the effects that you demonstrated so well and all commented on your very professional, relaxed and non-threatening style. They were not too sure just what to expect on the night and were very taken taken by first the venue and then by your performance. Thank you again for a very entertaining night.
Don George, Manchester

Quentin Reynolds Reading MindsPsychic Influence. Can an experienced card player be influenced to deal himself (or herself) the losing hand, even when he gets to shuffle the cards and choose who gets what cards by looking at them first? (I'll bet £500 he can be influenced and if he wins he'll walk away with the £500).

Who are the real control freaks in the audience? Watch how they give themselves away without realisng it!



We joined Quentin on Tuesday night at the Lass O'Gowrie and thoroughtly enjoyed the Psychic Experience.
Barry and Anne Partington

Is Quentin Reynolds really reading minds?The Marriage Game. Can a couple, living together for years subliminally pick up each other's thoughts? If so, just what do they reveal?

Remember the whole show is built around fun, interaction and of course the chance to win prizes.

"A bewitching blend of mindreading and humour."

Running Monday to Friday, week 1 at 9.30pm and Monday to Friday week 2 at 8pm All seats £5 

The show was excellent. Entertaining and educational.
Jer Collins

Quentin’s show runs daily at the Manchester Comedy Festival. Why not make a night of it? Catch Quentin’s show at 9.30pm or 8pm in week 2 and then his late-night Bizarre show at The Lass O’Gowrie. Full details of all events at the Festival site:

 Quentin Reynolds at The Comedy Store

The Lass O' Gowrie, 36 Charles Street, Manchester M1 7DB. Good pub food is available for those arriving early. They also brew their own beer on the premises. Show starts at 9.30pm in week 1 and 8pm in week 2. Tickets £5.00. Phone 0161 2364452.

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The late night BIZARRE Show starts at 11pm and is totally different from The Psychic Game Show
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Sunday Times Interview

The Ghost Table

In his recent show in Dublin, he amazed audiences by describing objects while blindfolded and identifying audience-thought of cards by "telepathy".

"IF YOU'RE the kind of person who thinks that "charlatans" like Uri Geller ought to be severely beaten with a sharp spoon, you'll probably find the prospect of an intimate live show with a professional mind-reader about as desirable as a snot on toast. But Quentin Reynolds's weekly lesson in the black art of telepathy - which runs at Bewleys' Grafton Street venue - will have you reaching for the cutlery only so that you can eat humble pie. All in all, Reynolds doesn't just read your mind - he blows it too.
Nick Kelly, Irish Independent.

MENTALIST Quentin Reynolds's recent shows at Bewley's Cafe Theatre in Dublin really did have people gasping in amazement at the things he was able to reveal about members of his audience.

The author of Intuition, Your Secret Power, uses a mixture of psychology,  body language and intuition to read people's minds. He tells them what they are thinking,' manoeuvres them towards choices they want to make, reveals their concerns and unveils names of long-lost friends. Irish Examiner
Secret Power"
Quentin's book