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 Irish mentalist Quentin Reynolds now living in Manchester  Irish mentalist Quentin Reynolds now living in Manchester
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 Quentin Reynolds mentalist and mindreader  Quentin Reynolds peeks into the future

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 Quentin Reynolds mystery entertainer  Mentalist Quentin Reynolds Reading Minds

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Sunday Times Interview

The Ghost Table

In his recent show in Dublin, he amazed audiences by describing objects while blindfolded and identifying audience-thought of cards by "telepathy".

"IF YOU'RE the kind of person who thinks that "charlatans" like Uri Geller ought to be severely beaten with a sharp spoon, you'll probably find the prospect of an intimate live show with a professional mind-reader about as desirable as a snot on toast. But Quentin Reynolds's weekly lesson in the black art of telepathy - which runs at Bewleys' Grafton Street venue - will have you reaching for the cutlery only so that you can eat humble pie. All in all, Reynolds doesn't just read your mind - he blows it too.
Nick Kelly, Irish Independent.

MENTALIST Quentin Reynolds's recent shows at Bewley's Cafe Theatre in Dublin really did have people gasping in amazement at the things he was able to reveal about members of his audience.

The author of Intuition, Your Secret Power, uses a mixture of psychology,  body language and intuition to read people's minds. He tells them what they are thinking,' manoeuvres them towards choices they want to make, reveals their concerns and unveils names of long-lost friends. Irish Examiner
Secret Power"
Quentin's book